"Doin' It All For My Baby" EVIL EYE

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Jonathan Moritz: tenor saxophone, compositions
Nate Wooley: trumpet, compositions
Ken Filiano: bass
Mike Pride: drums, glockenspiel, compositions

1 Amhorikka
2 They Are Certainly Not Great Writers
3 3am Swedetown Bluff
4 Doin’ It All For My Baby
5 Moore For Mom
6 Mend More Ills
7 When We’ve All Rehearsed Our Separate Parts The Real Thing Will Happen

Original art by Mike Pride and Elodie Blanchard. 250 copies
Recorded by Jamie Saft at Frank Booth, April 2007
Mastered by Jonathan Goldberger

Downloadable press sheet (evileyepress.doc)
photos by Peter Gannushkin

Evil Eye - S/R

Jonathan Moritz- tenor and soprano saxophones
Nate Wooley- trumpet
Ken Filiano- doublebass
Mike Pride- drums, percussion & microcassette
Downloadable press sheet (evileyepress.doc)

Design by Elodie Blanchard of Elastico.
Packaged in heavy card stock fold-case with foam nub, with original collage by Mike Pride inside.

1. Wiggly Jiggly 12:25
2. Soaked 10:40
3. 5 to 8pm 09:40
4. Cells (Chicago Upright) 13:15

Funhole Records #005.
Recorded live at Elixir Juice Bar 11/04/2003. Mastered by Mike Pride at Funhole Studios, 2007.
Tracks 1 & 2 composed by Jonathan Moritz. Tracks 3 & 4 composed by Mike Pride.
All music Funhole Music, BMI.

released 06 May 2007